Saturday, November 13, 2010

Upcoming Collaborations

10x8 mm strawberry quartz in yellow gold split shank

7.5 mm strawberry quartz in oxidized silver, 10K white gold + rose gold tulip setting, 14K white gold, bright sterling silver and 14K yellow gold. 

client's stones, my eye.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

confetti system

do you love a good party? with pinatas and candy and stuff? no? too grown up for that? isn't it sad that you can't rock out like a kid again and just have fun? 
confetti system on big cartel has got you covered. amazing pinatas modeled after geological formations festooned in gold and silver. 
quartz, crystal and meteorite formations. and do they offer swanky blindfolds for the whacking?
but of course! made of silk georgette and metalic leather for stylish eyes. and jewelry too? you know it. visit them here

green loves pink

rough moissanite crystals and one lone terminated emerald crystal. which do you prefer - the wildly shaped manmade moissanite diamonds or the natural emerald? myself i am not sure...
the larger emerald (nearly 14 carats) is included with moonstone, a member of the feldspar family. its been in my collection forever and i just can't decide on how best to set it. suggestions anyone?
oh green loves pink in the most tender of ways. that combination just seems so natural. if only rose gold was actually pink, like these little sapphires. the green emerald and green tourmaline just seem to relax next to them.

i love inclusions

this lodolite quartz reminds me of a field of green grass swept up in the wake of a storm. can you see the twister inching closer?
rumplestiltskin's straw turned to gold. i love inclusions. they turn my imagination loose.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

the problem with convention

i so desperately want to make a whole line of labradorite set in 14k yellow gold. everyone's been telling me not to bother as conventionally speaking, labradorite is a lesser value than gold warrants. but what of it? doesn't it stand out so? i just want to rock this ring all day long. 

rose cut diamonds

my poor camera couldn't handle the light dancing on the surface of these diamonds. please trust me when i tell you that they are fantastically beautiful. the white freeform tear drop is about 7x6 mm and the mocha pear is roughly 8x6. 
just practicing. i think i'll set them in one of a kind wax cast moldings. yellow or rose gold?
this one is definitely for yellow gold. pretty, pretty. the big exciting news is the giant emerald cut white diamond that is nearly here. 2.35 carats and 9.5x7.5 mm. when it arrives i shall sleep with it under my pillow and dream that it is mine to keep forever.