Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ButterflySenses Jewelry on Etsy

Got 11 bucks (USD)? These two necklaces could be yours, including shipping and the best customer service this side of...well, anywhere.  Yus, ButterflySenses Etsy Shop owner, is hosting a special buy two get one free offer and please give me one reason to resist making a purchase? Second to none customer service? Check!  Beautiful product? Check! No butterflies were harmed in the making of these clever pieces? Cheeyeck. 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Before and After Paper Clip Upcycle Makeover

"Helianthus" Upcycled Paper Clip Pendant Light on Etsy

Tangled Paper Clips Before the Upcycle

Monday, July 20, 2009

Upcoming Projects

My husband  Joe and I are hoping to be granted a Free Use Permit from the British Columbia Ministry of Forests to clean up some of the logging site waste wood not too far from our home in Merritt, BC. The wood is located in a traditional site where Joe and his family harvest foods and medicines every year. Ideally, we would like to clean as much as possible before the site is burned - great for the soil and new growth, but what a waste! 

Paper-Clip Pendant Lights Review in Real Simple Magazine

The August 2009 issue of Real Simple Magazine is on the stands, and guess what Mom? My paper clip chandeliers have received a mention on page 96 (blush)! Liz Arnold, you are very generous and I am so thankful. In her article entitled Home Website Directory, Liz writes;
"etsy.com: This site is getting a lot of play, and for  good reason. With more than 100,000 vendors and growing, it's the go-to place for all things handmade. Sellers have their own "storefronts" where they peddle their creations, like Rainbow-colored chrocheted rugs ($35) and paper-clip pandant lights ($275) - which are cooler than they sound."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank You Everyone!

A big thank you to Ready Made Magazine, Casa Sugar, Real Simple Magazine, notcot.org, This Next, Scoutie Girl, ETSY and everybody blogging about ReDesign Technologies Paper Clip Chandeliers. I deeply appreciate your time and effort.