Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Etsy, Have I Told You Lately How Much I Love You?

Oh Etsy how I have loved you over the past years. Ever since I saw that first advertisement in Craft Magazine, Volume 6, February 2008. To be honest, I was in it for the feature article "DeCorrugated" with links to Foldschool's DIY folded cardboard stools.

Sure, it started as an innocent love affair - just a little peek now and then, leading me on to committing my time and inspiration to you. But now - NOW - its for real. Thank you for inspiring a trans-national legion of artists and crafters to get together and help Haiti pick up the pieces right here and now.

Etsy, your Storque blog post today, entitled "Etsy Finds: Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti" is like an answer to my prayers - had I not only a few days ago been musing that I wish we (the Etsy community at large that is) could all give just a little bit more?

Thank you, thank you for stepping up and taking a leading role in inspiring us to lend a hand. And thank you for including me along the way.

The photographs to the left are on sale at RCA 102887's shop and available here. All proceeds go towards hopeforthehungry.org.

Re:Design Technologies' Paper Clip Chandelier Frame Tutorials can be purchased here for $14.40 or $6.50 with 50% proceeds going towards the Yele Foundation.

The Single Minimalist Bare Bulb Pendant Light by the kamlampcompany (one of my favorites) can be purchased at Hearts For Haiti on Etsy with 100% of proceeds donated to Doctor's Without Borders.

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