Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Chance For Our Rolling River Soap Company Giveaway!

Its Friday and nearly time to choose a winner for the Rolling River Soap Company Giveaway! Normally I am not covetous, but in the case of the four bars of glorious handmade soap that Jessie Gibbs and Zenith Lillie-Eakett of Rolling River Soap Company have tucked  away for one lovely reader to enjoy, I am covetous indeed. These soaps are likened to bars of pure hand made gold ladies, so please don't be shy to step right up and leave a comment to enter.  

If you are interested in the two fabulous and bubbly (sorry) personalities behind the Rolling River Soap Company, grab a cup of tea and stop by for a visit. You can find their story here:!/note.php?note_id=170853098344 

And seeing as how I'm showing off my covetous side, how do you like my Japanese hinoki wood dream bathtub? I've been ever so slowly learning how to make one of these babies. Slow is key here because I have a feeling that once I get in to the tub my Rolling River soap and I are never coming out. 


  1. What a fabulous giveaway. Their soap looks so beautiful (I know, but I do see beauty in soap!).

    Man oh man, your bathtub has me quite jealous. I could spend hours in that tub with a book and enjoying the view of outdoors that you have through those windows. Talk about heaven...Lucky!


  2. thanks for stopping by fringe!

    the rolling river ladies do pour a lot of love into their products and i think that really shines through! i see the beauty in soap too - its a treat for all of the senses, with the exception of taste of course ;)

    unfortunately the bathtub above is not mine...yet. ;) i've been trying to make a cedar bathtub lately and have just been steered in the right direction by a friend and business partner.

    we're now working on a line that ranges from simple to ornately carved and fingers crossed we will be producing lovely cedar bathtubs full force by this time next year. sometimes it just takes the right collaboration at the right time...

  3. Ooooh, that bathtub is inspiring! Do you have more designs?? I wanna see! I'm also dreaming of having a walk in shower that has glass doors. I'm looking for the best company that can help me with my renovation project this summer. I'm hoping to get it done by summer so my whole family, especially my kids. They love summer season and getting lots of baths! Hehe!


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