Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Nest

when i first began this little blog i fully intended to talk about our house and the renovations we're constantly making.
over the past 2 years we've been renting 2 of our 3 suites out...and  $12,000.00 in damages, three new floors, two floods and one full suite of switched out stainless steel appliances later (!), i'm finally ready to talk 
guess what? the moment we decided to stop renting out, our house became a cozy home. who knew being a landlord was so counterproductive? 
and who could have predicted that one tiny (forbidden) bichon frisé could result in 1,000 square feet of re-flooring & 4,000 square ft of re-painting in only 2 months? but its good. its soooo good to be home.

next? my {messy} studio tour.


  1. Building a 'home' -headaches and joys hand in hand!X

  2. it definitely has been a joy! and a steep learning curve. we are in the process of converting one of the former rental suites into a proper studio with access to the poker room. ;) fun! poker anyone?


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