Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why Re:Design Technologies made the Move to Vintage Design

In the mid-nineties I managed the luxury vintage and antique retail furniture and fashion chain Populuxe, renowned in Vancouver, BC for their well curated collections. I've moved on but never forgotten the lessons learned and the passion behind building those collections.
Digging around junk shops has become an intrinsic part of the design process for me in making the Paper Clip Chandeliers for RDT's Etsy shop and other galleries. I can't help but walk away with the gems along with the beaters that I deconstruct. Please check them out at my new Etsy shop Birch Beer Boutique.

I am so inspired by the shapes and colors of the designs of yore. I'm also inspired by our current trend towards looking back to great eras of invention in design, with pared down silhouettes, strong lines, bold colors and compelling patterns dominating storefronts. 

Great design always comes back around in both original form and modernized versions as our society pauses to reflect on our many achievements. What's old becomes new again and again in a constant cycle of rediscovery and reinvention. 

What's old is also functional if in good shape, and should by all means occupy a coveted status in our homes. All the more so when consider how much energy and raw resources required to make the simplest of objects commonly used in our homes today. To put things into perspective, the computer you are accessing this article on probably required a total of about 2,000 lbs of raw materials to manufacture and ship, as did mine.  

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