Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Free Thinking Debate

A "Free Thinking" debate was held over at the Dudecraft website this evening. Guests and administration blogged about the concept of Free Economy or the new Thank You/Pay It Forward Economy that artists are participating in when attempting to promote their art over the Web.
I did briefly participate in the Free Thinking event this evening but had to bow out as duty called - a trip to the grocery store and then supper for 4 kids. For those, like me, who wanted to join in but couldn't, please see the link here for a transcribed replay.

My $0.02 - I believe that a "Pay It Forward Economy is a fantastic model, but is still an economy...therefore giving gifts within the parameters of this model with the expectation of having your favor returned at some point down the line is still marketing. Thoughtful, right business-minded marketing.

The Potlatch model is similar and a remains a beautiful example of sharing for the well-being of your community and redistributing wealth in tough times. The main benefits for the givers in this model (in my understanding) were an opportunity to give gifts of culture and the ability to accrue status. Visit the above link to see the amazing U'mista Cultural Society's website or better yet, visit Alert Bay, BC and the Na'amgis First Nations to see the Potlatch in action on a daily basis. Photo Credit; Edward S. Curtis.

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