Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SF Girl By Bay Launches Blog It Forward Today

Victoria Smith, incredible blogger mastermind that she is, has invited the blogging community to participate in SF Girl By Bay's blogging relay entitled "Blog It Forward - The First Blogger Mash Up".

SF Girl By Bay is not award-winning for nothin' folks. Victoria does perhaps the best job out there - her voice is unique, her vision is clear and cohesive, her eye is sublime and best of all she shares all that talent with us. It is Victoria Smith that conceived the idea and followed through, organizing 40 + bloggers into groups to share what inspires them with the world.

I am excited to note that along with PoppyTalk, Ink On My Fingers and a plethora of other big names, the Blog It Forward Mash Up project will include yours truly, Re:Design Technologies, on March 16, 2010. You can find the full schedule here.

SF Girl By Bay's personal post kicked off the project today with style. Please check out the inspiration behind the mastermind. I am looking forward to a little peek behind the curtain once a day for the next 6 weeks from all of the Blog It Forward participants.

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