Thursday, February 25, 2010

Introductions to the Family

Meet my youngest daughter Lillith Lou and our newest friend, a week-old premie calf belonging to my brother-in-law, Daryle's herd. Daryle and his family are the hardest working cowboys I know (and that is really saying something as all cowboys by nature are).

Lillith is my chief photo stylist and manager. At a year and a half, she's in there like a dirty shirt taking photos along side me and already knows where product photography is at. Lilly manages my time and engagements - when she sees that I've had too much work she directs me outside to play. Looking at this photo, I believe it is possible that she's allergic to cows...


  1. Hi!
    congrats on the 2 very cute family members!
    i've just nominated you for the sunshine blog award - check it out at

  2. Oh thank you Sugar! Back atcha. You are indeed the sweetest soapstar ever. P.


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