Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yelé Donations Update

Just a little update - With the support of over 40 Etsy patrons, Re:Design Technologies and Birch Beer Boutique have donated $281.79 USD to The Yelé Foundation. Way to go Etsy!

Please visit the Yele Foundation website to see how they are redistributing their donation funds - feeding folks in the hardest hit areas. Yele reports that hurricane season begins June 1st in Haiti.

Wondering why we're working so hard here at Re:Design Technologies to promote the Yelé Foundation? During many years spent dancing with the Ballé Tropicalia Dance Company and other companies in Vancouver, so many members of the Haitian arts community gave me the tools that I needed to advance as an artist. I think that it is fitting to give that help back today. Also, I sometimes make my living outside of Etsy in the field of Emergency mitigation (in a government finance department) and I can see how every tiny bit helps.

So thank you to everyone at Etsy who gave it up for the Yelé Foundation, and Medecins Sans Frontiers, and all of the other relief organizations that are lending a hand.

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