Monday, March 15, 2010

BLOG IT FORWARD What Inspires Me - Heroes, Rebels, Pioneering Souls

Hello friends and welcome to the 250th installment of the Blog It Forward project initiated by SF Girl By Bay. A thank you to the talented Red Glasses for her gracious introduction. And may I present tomorrow's illustrious torch bearer Rhonna Designs whose post I very much look forward to.

I wish to share the deeper roots of inspiration for me - that is apart from my amazing family, who I blog about all the time.

I'm going back to 1975 to reference my first hero, who at age 3 taught me that one can overcome ANY obstacle whatsoever with style, faith, compassion, discipline & perseverance. Muhammad Ali will for me remain the greatest that ever was & ever will be.

As I view these photos I look over at my uncompleted Ethnoscience report (which is now 6 giant volumes on The Cultural Use of Water) and see that the theme underpinning every image here is Man's relationship with our watery environment. Hmm.

Heroes I Have Loved
Cat Power who loves Pippi Longstocking and her piratous brand of anarchy
Muhammad Ali who needs no introduction but got one anyhow
Sheila Watt Cloutier and The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment who told me that I must be true to my passion in order to make meaningful change in the world
Dr. David Suzuki the reason I love science and became a nerd
Dominick Tyler amazing cultural and environmental photos

Rebel Rebels
Howard Schatz defying all boundaries to find the rarest of beauties - the naked truth
Man Ray whose work is as relevant today tattooed on my back as it was on paper in the 1930s
Mestre Leopoldina who taught me the meaning of Capoeira and Axé, & could literally dance circles around me at 70 years+
Martha for walking tall under all circumstances

Pioneering Souls
Ruth Asawa survivor, innovator, teacher
Heinrich Kley peaceful opponent of the Industrial Revolution
Charles and Ray Eams will NEVER go out of style
Frida Kahlo my first "art hero"
Long Lost Ancestors photo cred just one of the many tribes, clans and families in my tree


  1. What a wonderful, beautiful list of inspirations...your inspirations are inspiring :)

    Thank you so much for sharing, it's been lovely to "meet" you!

  2. Fringe,

    Thank you for stopping by to meet me and take a look! I've thoroughly enjoyed this project and the collective body of beauty that has resulted from Victoria's one brilliant idea.




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