Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got Moo?

Moo cards are for everyone - businesspeople, crafters, artists, mothers fathers brothers sisters sons daughters. For those who are tying the knot or are giving a gift, Moo is the card you want to be giving as a token of your love and living proof of your amazing attention to detail. Photojojo and Etsy are giving these babies away for free* (not including +/- $6.00 shipping).

*Free of course always carries a small this case the free cards are emblazoned with small and discreet Photojojo or Etsy + Moo partnership logo to the right of the photo side. A small price to pay for some rockin' custom cards.

How can you get in on this deal? Visit Moo here to get your free Photojojo cards printed from your own files or your Flicker account or here for free Etsy cards. Check Danielle Stewart and Beth Chapleau's ideas out on Moo's blog and be sure to peruse for other possibilities. My pack is on its way! A sneek peek to the left.


  1. How fun! Your Moo cards are going to look gorgeous! I must go check out the deal...Thank you for the info.


  2. Thank you! It was a fun little project that will hopefully yield great results. Good luck with yours - that is if you choose to take advantage of either or both deals. Your work is gorgeous and would translate well to this (or any) medium.




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