Monday, March 8, 2010

Expensive Lessons In Jewelry Making

Chandelier making, venetian glass baubles, property management, taxes, business loan applications and tons of kids aren't enough to keep my busy hands occupied so I've been making sterling silver rings on the side.

Slowly goes it with this project because it is expensive as all get out. I would like to share my first lesson with you - never use PMC (Precious Metal Clay) in place of good old solder and flux as it is too porous and brittle.

Not 5 days after I made this little yellow sapphire number to the left, I smashed the stone setting against a staircase in a construction zone...and there it still lies buried in a heap of plaster dust and wood filings. Solder is my new mantra. Solder. Ohm.

The silver and gold carved ring depicted is the work of Oppie Oppenheim. More on that later.

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