Thursday, March 4, 2010

Looking On The Bright Side

Lately I've been following The Bright Side Project, an amazing blog that seeks to spread the love in the form of a daily giveaway to those willing to share a little of themselves in return.

Its a simple and painless format - they show you a little ray of sunshine, such as this Fleabag tote, give a bit of a back story and then ask readers to answer a question related to the prize. And voila - you are entered to win said little ray of sunshine. Fun.

The question posted for this extra large flea market shopping bag; "What treasure do you wish was hidden in your home and you wish you found?"

My answer; When my grandmother passed away we discovered that she had a secret compartment to her walk-in closet (no kidding)! She stored her best furs there and a collection of art that she had been working on for years. Imagine, an artist’s entire body of work kept private from everyone – she never told us that she painted. Amazing. I would like to find that kind of passion in any form hidden away in my house.

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